AAVS Shanghai 2016 Symposium

If you are in Shanghai, join us this Tuesday at the SHANGHAI TEN Symposium & Exhibition Opening at the HKU Shanghai Study Centre. The event is free and open to the public as part of the celebration of the Architectural Association School of Architecture Visiting School’s 10th annual Shanghai Summer School.

SHANGHAI TEN probes the diverse ways in which designers today interact with instruments and paradigms with which to harness and mobilize the complex forces which shape cities. This event aims to address the challenges of Chinese urbanization in this century, as a platform for dissemination of the leading narratives of urbanism, and their corresponding taxonomies, as well as design formulations in projects, and the exposition of their instruments, by some of today’s most celebrated practices." Guests include the following participants and more....

Eva CASTRO + Holger Kehne (Plasma Studio: Beijing, London, Bolzano) Thomas Daniell (Head of Architecture, University of Saint Joseph: Macau) Sandra MANNINGER + Matias del Campo (SPAN: Detroit, Shanghai) Yan Gao, (dot-A: Beijing, Shenzhen) Yosuke Hayano (MAD: Beijing, Tokyo) Alvin Huang (SDA : Synthesis Design / USC School of Architecture: Los Angeles) Garret HWANG (UNStudio: Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai) Jerry KU (E-Grow: Shanghai) Christian J. Lange (Rocker-Lange Architects: Hong Kong) Neil LEACH (Tongji University: Shanghai) Neville MARS (Mars Architects: Shanghai) Yusuke Obuchi (Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo: Tokyo) Christopher Pierce (Director Architectural Visiting School: London) Ali RAHIM + Hina JAMELLE (Contemporary Architecture Practice: Ali Rahim & Hina Jamelle: New York, Shanghai) François Roche (New-Territories Bkk: Bangkok) Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects : London) Michael SORKIN (Director, School of Architecture, City College: New York) Tom Verebes (Provost, Turenscape Academy: Xixinan, Anhui, China) Richard Wei-Tse Wang + Stephen Wang (WZWX Architecture Group: Shanghai, Taipei)