Celebrate 2015: Shelter

Please join us next Saturday, June 27 at "Celebrate 2015: Shelter" the grand re-opening and annual Fundraiser Gala hosted by the A+D Museum. The centerpiece of the evening will be a silent auction of custom-designed “shelters” created by architecture and design luminaries, including a piece by Synthesis Design + Architecture.

"La Burbuja / Las Burbujitas" is a bespoke 3D printed fruit bowl articulated as a densely packed three dimensional field of virtual soap bubbles. Designed by Synthesis Design + Architecture for the A+D Museum, the bowl aims to examine the duality of the term "shelter" as both a place of protection and an act of protection through the hybridization of a familiar domestic object (the fruit bowl) and a ubiquitous material condition (bubble wrap). The object can be read as a series of multiple micro figures embedded within a monolithic macro figure via the constitution of over 1200 virtual bubbles computationally packed into its spherical bubble-like mass. The juxtaposition of the primitive & platonic global form of the inner bowl which holds the fruit (the place of protection) versus the localized articulations and lace-like form of the outer bowl (which protects the fruit) provides multiple readings of figures within figures.