Mixed Matters

Our Durotaxis Chair is featured in the beautiful book ‪Mixed Matters edited by Kostas Grigoriadis. The book includes the essay "Gradient Logics" by Alvin Huang/SDA Synthesis Design and features words and work by Brett Steele, Theodore Spyropoulos Minimaforms, Zaha Hadid Architects, Francis Bitonti, Graham Harman, Panagiotis Michalatos, Andy Payne and more. "Mixed Matters summarizes for the first time the current status of research about multi-material design in architecture - Multi-material design, which has been utilized with great success for a long time for example in vehicle manufacturing or aerospace engineering, could also open up completely new possibilities in architecture. Significant amounts of energy, resources, and material could be saved and the use of multi-material 3D printers could revolutionize the design process and bring forth a new aesthetic."