Mosaic of Episodes

Alvin Huang will be joining Marc Fornes of The Very Many (New York, USA), Simon Kim of IK Studio (Boston, USA), and Jason Scott Johnson of Minus Architecture (Calgary, Canada) in the inaugural edition of Mosaic of Episodes in Bangalore, India on September 14-17.

Mosaic of Episodes is a series of events hosted by the Indian Institute of Architects across 4 days with students, young professionals and practicing firms. ACT 1 will include workshops and curated discussions on days 1 to 3 and an all day lecture event on day 4. The series is organized by Huddle, an organization that aims to draw designers and thinkers for layered discussions on design, philosophy and other aligned issues relevant to collective debate. It was set up by Sujit Nair (founder and principal at SDeG) and Smaran Mallesh (founder and partner at Cadence).