AH on the jury for the ACADIA design competition.

15 June 2011 The competition explores proposals for experimental projects that digitally pursue the discovery, appropriation, adaptation, and alteration of methods, processes and techniques of fabrication and assembly. Proposals should exhibit ingenuity in creating a novel system of production that explores the cross-section of digital forms and the fabrication process. Designs should demonstrate an experimental approach to the problem of digitally fabricating multiple part assemblies that address both the themes of the conference and the performance criteria of a lighting fixture, wall partition, or furniture piece. Congratulations to the winners! PARTITION Winner: “HYPERLAXITY: parabolic ligaments” by Elizabeth Boone with PROJECTiONE (Adam Buente and Kyle Perry) LIGHTING Winner: "LUMINESCENT LIMACON" by Andrew Saunders FURNITURE Winner: "RECIP" by Alison MacLachlan, Bryan Gartner and Richard Cotter You can read about all of the winning entries here. Many thanks to Jason S. Johnson for the invitation!