ArchPaper Article On Our Facade Design In Rayong

Synthesis Design + Architecture's Facade for the Central Plaza Rayong (Thailand) has been featured in the Architect's Newspaper blog, ArchPaper.

"Inspired by lenticular effects and moire patterns, Synthesis Design has produced an engaging facade installation on a large commercial shopping center at Central Plaza Rayong. The system incorporates CNC-milled aluminum composite “fins,” with custom attachment details to produce two “fields” of surfaces that ripple along a precast concrete facade. Color applied to one side of the fins differentiates the to fields from one another. “This is something we’ve been interested in awhile: lenticular effects – visual effects dependent upon view orientation. We are interested in trying to increase the level of visual interactivity through the way people engage the project.” says Alvin Huang, founder of Synthesis Design."

Written by John Stoughton, the article is titled "Nested, CNC-Milled Fins Produce Moire Effects." The full article can be found here.