Alvin Huang participates in ACADIA 2014 kickoff event

Join trustee and faculty Greg Otto and an esteemed panel of design faculty Marcelyn Gow, Tom Wiscombe,Alvin Huang and Roland Snooks for a conversation on design aesthetics in the digital age to kick off the 2014 ACADIA Conference. A cocktail party will follow, hosted by Walter P Moore.

Digital computation has revolutionized architectural practice. From design exploration to production and even operation, computing has become pervasive. With new tools come new forms of expression. It can also be said, with new technology comes new emergent constraints. Contemporary architectural work can often be identified as a product of the software used, a consequence of accepting the coded logic, the role of the technician clear. We are interested in architectural expression where the work transcends the platform, where the underlying principles of the work are not code constrained but aspire to a meaningful dialog on design aesthetics.

You can see the video here and see the lecture announcement here.