Evolo - XENOTYPES Exhibition

Synthesis would like to invite you to Evolo Architecture Magazine's "XENOTYPES" exhibition at the Design Matters Gallery in Los Angeles. The opening for the event is November 7th at 6:00pm. The show will be open through December 5, 2015.


Curated by Juan Azulay, Carlo Aiello, Benjamin Rice Organized by eVolo + Makeform Media + Design Matters Gallery

Xenotypes are the prototypical manifestations of specific design processes, where the end is a 'design outside of design' or an alien. Embracing the unexpected while chasing the different is not necessarily to be understood as a failure, 'trial and error', or variation ~ but rather an unforeseen expression of a genetic driver, built into the possible outcome from the get-go ~ yet outside the realm of the known. These mutants, bastards or xenotypes enter through the back door of imaginative practices; and often tap into an aesthetic of fear.

Participants Francisco Alarcon Ruiz Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez Ball-Nogues Studio / Benjamin Ball + Gaston Nogues Baumgartner + Uriu Marjan Colletti ENSSO Xarene Eskandar Flowen Felice Grodin Perry Hall Alvin Huang / Synthesis Design + Architecture Monad Studio / Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg MTTR MGMT SPCLTPCS