South Broadway Public Art

Program: Public Art Installation

Location: Denver, USA

Client: City and County of Denver

The SoBo Swarm is a short-listed public art proposal to provide a landmark sculpture for the metropolitan area of South Broadway in Denver, Colorado. The neighborhood of South Broadway is a rapidly gentrifying area that has historically served as a transportation corridor for many various mediums of travel. 

The project references the regions legacy as an avenue of North to South migration for post (the Pony Express), goods (Light Rail), people (commuters), and wildlife (Starlings). Utilizing a process known as self-organization and flocking systems through computationally generated particle simulations, we propose a flock of CNC folded powder-coated aluminium birds that will swarm along the 2 mile length of the South Broadway corridor, ultimately coming together at the intersection of South Broadway and Florida Ave where each of the flocking “pixels” will aggregate to collectively form a cloud in the form of the iconic Denver Bronco. At eye-level each of the individual birds present a friendly and playful icon for the area, while collectively they define a stunning and visually engaging landmark.