Articulated Tensions II @ Popup Beakerhead

Program: Temporary Festival Pavilion

Location: Calgary, Canada

We have recently been commissioned by Popup Beakerhead as one of 5 teams of international designers installing temporary experimental structures as part of the Beakerhead Festival in Calgary, Canada.   To support the project please click here.

Articulated Tensions II: Projected MoirĂ© is a free-standing temporary public pavilion designed by SDA | Synthesis Design + Architecture for Popup Beakerhead as a flexible and interactive communal gathering space. Composed of a free-form skin of laser-cut acrylic panels which are suspended from a CNC bent aluminum perimeter frame, the geometric structural pattern of the skin of the pavilion will be augmented with a series of interactive projection mappings of dynamic patterns. The project will explore the relationships between the static structural patterns and kinetic projected patterns to create interactive moire patterns and their ability to utilize pattern, movement and visual performance to affect spatial perception.

The project extends the recent work explored in the 2013 Taylor Seminar - "Informed Form: Articulated Tensions" at the University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design led by visiting lecturer Alvin Huang.

InformedForm is an ongoing research initiative that explores the relevance of form as a product of discovery by exploring the reciprocity between form (geometry), force (performance), matter (organization), and craft (fabrication). It extends the design research legacies of analogue form-finding in the works of Frei Otto, Antonio Gaudi, Heinz Isler, and Felix Candela by exploring digital and analogue techniques for discovering form through variable material and geometric organizations and force simulations, while simultaneously considering the design opportunities being afforded by advances in computation and fabrication technologies.