Chelsea Workspace

Program: Bespoke desk and storage system for a private home office 

Location: London, England 

Year: 2011

This home office for a private personal investment advisor responds to the clients brief of a discrete yet sculptural design solution for a home office by conceptually draping a dynamic surface over an orthogonal arrangement of the required home office elements including a work desk, storage units, printer, paper shredder etc.  The fluid geometric form is articulated as a series of alternating CNC milled birch plywood ribs.  The frosted storage Perspex storage elements are internally illuminated with LED’s to gently articulate the floating boxes within the fluid field of curved ribs.  With a strict budget, this project was an exercise in realizing complex geometries with limited finances.

Video presentation by Behnaz Farahi

Photos by Peter Guenzel

Fabrication by Cutting Edge