Field Formations - Metro Silver Line Slauson Staircase

Program: Public art installation integrated onto the existing staircase at the Slauson Metro Silver Line Stop

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Client: Metro Silver Line

Estimated Completion in Fall 2015

"Field Formations" is coming soon to South Central Los Angeles!! Our public art installation for the Slauson Metro Silver Line Station has been approved!! Inspired by the beauty and ephemeral qualities of California sunsets the project celebrates the diverse and vibrant community of South Central Los Angeles where citizens of varying orientations and colors come together to form a collective whole which cannot be defined by a singular viewpoint. The installation is a geometrically variable decorative skin covering the public staircase at Slauson Station and is comprised of 2690 folded aluminum panels, with only 6 repeating parts. Structural engineering by Buro Happold and fabrication by Ramirez Ironworks.