Program: Sink

Location: Xiamen, China

Client: Private

The SINK project is perceived as a customizable, embryological form highly adept to mass production. the SINK seeks to alter the performance and user experience of public restroom hand-washing by being operated only by sensors - meaning users will never actually come in contact with the sink – minimizing the problem of bacteria transferring from person to person. Water faucet and soap dispenser is hidden inside the sink itself. In addition the SINK addresses the problem of cleaning – by consisting of smooth surfaces, rounded corners and by being mounted on the wall with all drainage and egress being concealed – the SINK is easy to clean. Conceptually, the form is derived from the relationships between a set of points that create the overall diagrammatic shape. Via a parametric setup angles, lengths, widths, heights can be altered to change the appearance of the SINK but never the function.