Extended Family (Global)


Phone: 2134389967


  • John Vincent Hernandez / Philippines (Designer)


  • Aleksandra Belitskaja, University of Applied Arts, Vienna / Estonia
  • Henry Wang, SCI-Arc / USA
  • Ian Beals, U. of Texas - Austin / USA

Every chain is as strong as it's weakest link. We have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a talented team of extended family from around the globe that have helped to create the identity and culture of our office. A big thanks goes out to all those that have contributed to Synthesis.


  • Suky Ho, USA (Designer)
  • Farnoosh Rafaie, USA (Designer)
  • Timothy Harmon, USA (Designer)
  • Chia-ching Yang, Taiwan (Designer)
  • Filipa Valente, Portugal (Associate)
  • Joseph Sarafian, USA (Designer)
  • Kais Al-Rawi, Canada/Jordan (Designer)
  • David O. Wolthers, Denmark (Designer)
  • Jurgen Strohmeyer, Angewandte / Austria (Intern)
  • Thomas T. Jensen, Architectural Association / Denmark (Intern)
  • Behnaz Farahi, USC / Iran (Intern)
  • Kevin Yen-Po Chen, SCI-Arc / Taiwan (Intern)
  • Yueming Zhou, USC / China (Intern)
  • Marta PiaseczyƄska, Angewandte / Poland (Intern)
  • Mohamed Nazmy, Yale / USA (Intern)
  • Yuan Yao, USC / China (Intern)
  • Alex Chan, SCI-Arc / Hong Kong (Intern)
  • Justin Kim, SCI-Arc / USA (Intern)
  • Yang Li, USC School of Architecture / China (Intern)
  • Ariel Padilla, U. of Texas - Austin / USA (Intern)
  • Bryan Dimagiba, USC School of Architecture / USA (Intern)
  • Kealani Jensen, CalPoly SLO / USA (Intern)
  • Xiaoyin Xie, CalPoly SLO / China (Intern)
  • Ansh Vakil, USC School of Architecture / India (Intern)
  • Clark Cyr, CalPoly SLO / USA (Intern)